Why Wholebody Focusing Works

Shifting to the Position of Detached Observer and getting into Alpha wave patterns.

One of the fundamental shifts that takes place during the WBF process is that the client is able to shift to a detached standpoint that merely observes what is going on instead of being sucked into the intensity of the pain and confusion of trauma. We stop trying to fix it, we stop trying to run away from it, we stop re-traumatising by endless cycles of pointless repetition. We just stay with the uncomfortable feelings being held in th container of the body.

By going into grounded presence by staying with the uncomfortable feelings, we are getting in touch with something bigger than ourselves, and trusting this Wisdom in our bodies that is different from our normal cognitive intelligence, by some strange alchemy that is to do with the power of a steady, sustained awareness within the alive space of the body, something shifts. But it is not our doing, by holding both the sense of the observer and the wounded part we enable the brain to shift into Alpha or even Theta brain wave patterns and this gives space for a new and different possibility to emerge and to move into our lives.

A crucial part of this is using the Myndplay Brain Band that teaches the client what it feels like when your brain shifts into Alpha & Theta wave, patterns of relaxation, able to make new connections and staying open to possibilities. You can then allow change to take place, rather than trying to force it to take place.

This is the crucial point that is fundamental to both WBF and Brain wave training - allowing things to happen. You stop efforting, stop trying so hard and allow your body to find an appropriate way of adjusting to the situation. Trust it and it will find the right way. You get so caught up in the fight or flight panic response that we fail to see the new forward moving life direction that is waiting to emerge.

I have been exploring this hugely powerful mix of A.T. and Focusing for over 20 years now and I wrote my first book about this - Let Your Life Flow (C. W. Daniels) in 2002. The recent discovery of EMDR is a another powerful tool for transforming trauma. It works in a similar way, the eyes following the moving finger helps the client to stay present in the room with the mature adult personality supporting the traumatised child. It is at this edge that creative change in the memory processing takes place,and then you can learn from your past and move on in your life, rather than being continually sucked back into the traumatic memory. I know that WBF, when combined with EMDR is quite simply the most effective, powerful tool for transforming trauma that I have ever experienced.

Click on the following link if you want to read an WBF Introduction Manual.

Amen Clinic, Newport Beach, Ca.

WBF Research Study: SPEC brain scans & qEEG scans, March 2012 & 2014

WBF Research Study, by Alex Maunder and Lucie Therrien, using SPEC scans & qEEG

Using SPEC scans (Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography) and qEEG scans we show the effects of Wholebody Focusing on brain function. Click here to read a detailed methodology of the research study.

Click here to read a more general article in The Focusing Connection, Vol XXIX, No 5, Sept 2012: Images of Wholebody Focusing.

We now have Brain Scan Results for client X in the pilot study after 2 years, showing evidence of real positive change in the temporal lobes and in Broca's area, which has a lot to do with language and finding the words that fit. Click here to read about Brain Research after 2 years.

The Science behind Brain Waves

When a subject is wired up to an EEG machine it shows that the brain goes into different brain wave patterns associated with different levels of consciousness. In our normal, get the job done, trying to achieve success mode, we have very spikey beta wave patterns. When we are in a more relaxed, meditative, creative state we go into alpha wave patterns, and in very deep blissful meditation we go into theta wave patterns.

We did some research into this at The Amen Clinic in Newport Beach, Ca., USA - seeking to find natural ways to expand our consciousness. We found that we can move into a more expanded consciousness simply by holding two points of awareness and the interconnecting space. So, if you want to experiment with this right now, you can stop what you are doing and put both hands on top of the desk in front of you (or on top of your thighs) and simply be aware of both your hands and your feet at the same time - and the interconnecting flow of energy between them.

Within a very short period of time you will start to calm down, your brain will go into alpha rhythms and you will feelmuch more peaceful and creative. It is a light trance state. Or you can be here in the room and listen to bird song outside, again 2 points and the interconnecting space between, it will work in the same way.

This is a key principle behind WBF, you are aware of the area of tension and the groundedness of the feet, and the interconnected space. This is why focusing works, as you have the area of tension and the detached observer and the space between, same principle. Your mind shifts into alpha waves and something creative can happen in the moment.