Wholebody Focusing

Workshops 2017

Focusing Summer Camp
July 17th - 23rd 2017

Alex Maunder writes: Many people are carrying great emotional pain. Suffering is fine if it can lead to a growth in understanding but pointless and cruel if it merely results in repetitive patterns of behaviour.

I believe that I, like everybody else, am here to learn Lifes lessons and to move forwards. That can only happen when I stop being so reactive and learn to see things from a different perspective. The deepest reason why I practice Wholebody Focusing is that it gives me a feeling of grounding, safety and support from something much bigger than my little ego. Then my nervous system feels soothed and I am able to step back and to see the bigger picture.

From this new perspective I can take responsibility for the parts of my behaviour that are clearly wrong and have contributed to the whole situation. Those are the bits that I can change and as I do so I become more empathic about other people’s behaviour. This insight suddenly opens me up to the new possibilities that are surrounding me all of the time, but I am unable to see them due to the stress and trauma of my old reactive patterns.

With Wholebody Focusing it is possible to learn, to let go and to move forwards. All the pain of wanting to be right and to prove the other person wrong suddenly vanishes. There is no right or wrong anymore, there is only learning.

This is also a weekend CPD course, for any counsellors & psychotherapists who will be on the course CPD certificates will be given.

Whole Body Mindfulness at Findhorn, Scotland
Aug 12th - 19th August 2017

A 7 Day Residential Workshop on Wholebody Focusing, Findhorn booking form

This will be a magical workshop, hosted by the Findhorn community up in Scotland. Participants will learn how to get into Grounded Presence and Focus, & listen using the "Wholebody" as a resource. In this workshop invite your power of awareness to awaken the wisdom of the living body through the natural process of Whole Body Mindfulness. We will explore the value of spontaneous inner-directed movement, when we are in Grounded Presence the inner energy is released and the posture gets aligned and the body know how to move itself, without interference from the mind. We will continue to develop our intuitive listening skills, when our body wisdom knows how to be with and listen to the other person in a way that we do not. Going beyond the cognitive mind and all theories to a place of pure intuitive knowing, words come that are exactly the right thing to say at the moment as a way of supporting the speaker.

We will also be working with the meditation/brain training using an EEG neurofeedback brain band, linked to a computer. The aim is to learn how to get out of brain loops and be in the Zone, where you are both concentrated & relaxed at the same time. We will study the latest findings from the Focusing Neuroscience Research Project and how to induce different types of brain waves.


I also give regular personal Skype sessions and specialise in complex trauma release.


Learn about the Neuroscience behind Wholebody Focusing (WBF) And Neural Pathways to Prosperity, Health and Wisdom.

With Alex Maunder

Dates: July 17th - July 23rd 2017, Guilliers, 56490 France

Living in Community...

*A group of Focusers and bodyworkers coming together from all over the world
*In a beautiful environment, near to a peaceful lake in Brittany, France
*The aim is to stay in Grounded Presence and to practice Focusing
*Participate in WBF, Neuroscience research and Alexander Technique Workshops
*Learn about healthy eating, creative smoothies and raw food salads
*Whilst sharing community tasks like preparing food, clearing up or harvesting produce
*CPD Certificate for 25 hours will be given

In this Focusing Retreat you are invited to join Alex in the rhythm of each day

Start the day quietly: meditation, yoga or solo-focusing.
First Morning Workshop: The Alexander Technique
Tea Break
Community Work: watering, gathering produce from the garden, preparing lunch, or time to practice being in Grounded Presence, induce stronger alpha wave activity in the brain and open up to new possibilities.
Afternoon Workshop in: Wholebody Focusing.
Late Afternoon
Time to enjoy nature: walks, bike rides and swimming.

Continuing discussions into the evening, with opportunity for music and bonfires.
End the day quietly: meditation,journal or self reflection.

Techniques we will use:

*Wholebody Focusing wth Alex Maunder
*Alexander Technique
*EEG Brainwave-feedback
*Neuroscience and practical Mindfulness techniques

Who is this course for ?

If you enjoy living in a Focusing community.
Eating fresh home-grown fruit & organic vegetables.
If you have any creative projects that you want to bring to fruition.
If you want to learn more about WBF and the Alexander Technique.
If you are interested in neuroscience and how to work with your awareness and induce different patterns of brainwave activity.
If you would like to get a certificate for 25 hours CPD.
Then this is your course !

Focusing Trainer on this workshop:

Alex Maunder, professional Alexander Technique teacher for over 29 years, WBF Trainer, trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist.
Author of the books: Let Your Life Flow,and the recently published - Wholebody Focusing - Neural Pathways to Prosperity, Health and Wisdom.

Location and Cost:

Staying in a farm house close to a lake in the peaceful French countryside in Brittany.
Dates: July 17h - July 23rd 2017, which is 5 full days/6 nights of the workshop, plus time to arrive, and depart on either side.
All inclusive price is Euros 450 for 5 days of the Summer Camp (rooms in the house). Camping price (sleeping in my barn or in your tent) is Euros 400. Some concessions available.
If you want to stay in the local 2 star hotel at Guilliers, with en-suit bathroom in a shared double room and breakfast included, the cost is Euros 750.
Early bird discount is Euros 50 less (for all categories), if you book & pay by June 17th. A deposit of 100 Euros secures your place.

How to get there:

Train: Eurostar/train to Paris and then TGV train to Rennes.
Local Airports: DINARD (Close to St Malo) Airport with Ryan Air, flying from Stanstead, E. Midlands and Leeds Airports (book early for cheaper prices, pick up can be arranged with a small petrol charge).
Or Rennes, Nantes with Easy Jet.(Bus to Ploermel)
Or Flybe to Rennes or Brest airports (Summertime only).
Ferry Service: Brittany Ferries Portsmouth/St Malo.
We can pick up from Dinard airport/St Malo ferry port (with a small petrol charge).

For more information or to book a place please contact Alex Maunder on 0033 297704135 Or e-mail: alex.maunder4@gmail.com