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Wholebody Focusing
Connect with your Inner Body Wisdom

Ever since I first discovered a way of combining the Alexander Technique with the Focusing practice developed by Eugene Gendlin, I have been amazed at the subtle power of Wholebody Focusing, which encourages more of the body into the process of self-transformation, increasing grounded presence and energy flow.

Beneath our stress and trauma lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to move our life situations forward. Invite your power of awareness to awaken this wisdom of the living body through the natural process of Wholebody Focusing. WBF allows you to escape from purely cognitive thinking and awaken the wisdom of your living body. By pausing and staying with the felt sense of the words, images, and feelings that fit your bodily sensations, you allow a natural process of growth and change to take place in your life. There is a sense of interconnected energy flow within the whole body and also a solid, supported, grounded posture. This gives the safe container within which the process of transformation can take place. Feeling safe and grounded is essential for facing the vulnerable parts of ourselves that produce so much anxiety, depression and trauma.

When this felt shift takes place, this frees up a forward moving life energy from within your whole body, and the necessary action steps follow. So WBF can give you the insight into all the emotional, psychological and physical symptoms of your present situation - the whole thing ! It helps to clarify meaning, it gives an overview and a context to the physical and emotional pain that can feel so intense at times. Once things have been named and put into context you are half way there, the WBF process will complete the process of transformation. These results are proven, click on this link to see our brain scan research results

By staying in grounded presence it is now possible to stay with these vulnerable parts in conscious awareness. This position of being the detached observer and opening up the inner spaces is ideal for inducing Alpha waves in the brain. This opens you up to new possibilities & potential solutions - possibilities that were always there but you just couldn't see them because of the stress and tension ! From this place of balance and calm perspective a new understanding emerges that is also a vision of your forward-moving Life Direction.

Alex Maunder, Alexander Technique Teacher for 28 years & Wholebody Focusing Trainer. Psychotherapist, Author of Let Your Life Flow (C W Daniels, 2001) Alex offers: Individual WBF Sessions in Kilburn London & online via Skype.

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Wholebody Focusing Skype Sessions
Living in the Flow

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Train to become a WBF Practitioner and use the science that lies behind WBF to help heal people.

These results are proven, click on this link to see our brain scan research results

Want to train in Wholebody Focusing ?

Here's how to start......
You may already have some sort of training in regular Focusing, or be a complete beginner, but there are many skills that need to be learnt, like hands-on Alexander Technique skills, and then how to integrate regular Focusing with the Alexander Technique. The first step is to get to Certificate Level, which involves 5 weekends of training. These start with the Intro to WBF course and then go onto 4 more weekend modules looking at other applications like: Hands on Alexander Technique, Focusing & Dreams, Focusing & Decision Making, Spontaneous Movement, and WBF & Brain Research.At Certificate Level you are qualified to integrate your WBF skills with other skills and qualifications that you might have currently.Once you have done this I can issue a Certificate, This WBF Training Certificate is validated by the International Focusing Institute (New York).

A Client Testimonial:

I Just want to say a big THANK YOU for the work we've done in the last two weeks. It's brain-changing (and therefore LIFE CHANGING). As a direct result of last week's session, I'm working more creatively and producing some of my best work ever. As a direct result of this week's session, my time and energy is not consumed with anger about my pain and I have more control than I thought about what I think about.I can't believe we can achieve all this by Skype!
Cathy Howells, Words-Work, Copywriter.

Wholebody Focusing
The Power of Embodied Awareness

Workshops in France

There are a whole series of regular Week-end Workshops taking place at Wisteria Cottage, in France

July 17th - 23rd 2017

Explore Focusing and Alexander Technique in France. Using the power of awareness to awaken the wisdom of the living body. Workshops in Wholebody Focusing, and the Alexander Technique. Have regular Focusing partnerships each day. Use Brain wave training to remain calmly grounded in Alpha waves brain patterns. Experience life in a Focusing community on the land. Book for the Summer Camp July 17th - July 23rd 2017
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Sat 12th August - 19th August 2017

Increasing the Power of your Intuition

A 7 Day Residential Workshop on WBF hosted by the legendary Findhorn community in Scotland on Wholebody Focusing. Experience the magic of life in Findhorn, meditation, chanting, sacred dance and learn Whole Body Mindfulness at the same time. Tiered Prices according to income, for a full residential week at Findhorn, (concessions available). For more information click on the link below.